Shigefusa Kitchen Knives

Tokifusa Iizuka and his 2 sons, Masayuki and Yoshihide Iizuka, produce Shigefusa knives at their workshop in the rural city of Sanjo, Japan. All knives are made by hand from beginning to end without the interference of mechanized prodution methodes.

This website is created to show the shear beauty of these knives and the variety of types and styles. Come look me up on the forums of KKF to continue the discussion!

Kitaeji or Kasumi?

Explore the differences in this collection

Kitaeji Yanagiba, 270mm

Kasumi Yanagiba, 270mm

Kitaeji Gyuto, 180mm

Kasumi Chuka, 230mm

Single Bevel or Double Bevel

Explore the beauty of the blades

Kitaeji Yanagiba, 270mm (nos)

Kasumi Chuka, 230mm

Kasumi Deba, 180mm

Kasumi Usuba Kamagata, 180mm

The Collection

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